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Information Center



※ 6:30 ~ 21:30 ( Sunday / Public holiday)

※Closed    1/1~1/3


This information center is located near JR Shin-Imamiya Station and Subway Dobutsuen-Mae Station. We have very good access to several transportation system.

If there is anything you want to know, just come visit us.

We can give you a good advice and make your travel more comfortable. 

Have fun and enjoy traveling around Japan! 

Tourist Information around this neighborhood


This area is known for it old style Japanese culture and cheap local food, especially "Kushikatsu".

And also you can try other all local foods, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Sushi, etc. 

The symbol of this town is "Tsutenkaku Tower" that loved by local people as well as a symbol of entertainment.  


  • Kushikatsu, deep-fried meat and vegetables on skewers, an Osaka favorite. When you eat Kushikatsu, you must dipped it only one time into the sauce box.

  • Views from Tsutenkaku Tower at night is beautiful.

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